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Asters (Aster spp.) 

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Asters are a large group of flowers, a genus with many difficult-to-distinguish species.   Flowers can be just about any color, but most are lavender or purple.   Habitats, leaves, and general appearance also vary considerably.  This is one of those genera that drive botanists nuts.  There is only one species on the U.P. threatened & endangered list, great northern aster (Aster modestus) that has been found in Keweenaw County and on Isle Royale.  Most are native species.  The most common might be the big-leaved aster, found often in sunny woods or open areas.  The New England aster is particularly noticeable when it blooms in the fall.  The flowers are a deep, rich purple and catch your eye when most other flowers are gone for the season.

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