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   Distribution of tree species across the Upper Peninsula varies.  Most species can probably be found in every county.  However, not all species are necessarily components of a forest stand.  These distribution maps disregard occasional occurrences or individual trees in parks, towns, or other "artificial" locations.  The distribution is shown in orange.  To see species listed by county and abundance, click HERE. There's also a helpful website that shows tree ranges in their entiretly, click here.
   The source for these maps was primarily from the U.S. Forest Service's Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) reports.  Results from annualized forest inventory can be downloaded from the U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Unit. The survey has specific definitions of what qualifies as "forest".  Only tree species that occur under that definition are included.  Of course, the sampling was not as intensive as some kinds of inventory and it is entirely possible that occurrence of a fairly uncommon species may have been missed.  The are populations of tree species in U.P. locations that are not reflected in the USFS data. Examples include substantial amounts of northern pin oak in Menominee County and boxelder in every county.  

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Apple.jpg (31714 bytes)

Bitternut Hickory
Bitternut.jpg (39662 bytes)
Hawthorne.jpg (39854 bytes)
Oak, White
Oak White.jpg (38693 bytes)
Ash, Black
Ash Black.jpg (41457 bytes)
Boxelder.jpg (39983 bytes)
Hemlock.jpg (42322 bytes)
Pine, Jack
Pine Jack.jpg (41180 bytes)
Ash Green
Ash Green.jpg (41210 bytes)
Butternut.jpg (38874 bytes)
Ironwood.jpg (41306 bytes)
Pine. Red
Pine Red.jpg (40917 bytes)
Ash, Mountain
Ash Mountain.jpg (42155 bytes)
Cedar.jpg (43377 bytes)
Maple, Mountain
Maple Mountain.jpg (42388 bytes)
Pine, Scots
Pine Scotch.jpg (40118 bytes)
Ash, White
Ash White.jpg (41160 bytes)
Cherry, Black
Cherry Black.jpg (41780 bytes)
Maple, Red
Maple Red.jpg (41429 bytes)
Pine, White
Pine White.jpg (41441 bytes)
Aspen, Bigtooth
Aspen Bigtooth.jpg (42499 bytes)
Cherry, Choke
Cherry Choke.jpg (41741 bytes)
Maple, Silver
Maple Silver.jpg (41124 bytes)
Spruce, Black
Spruce Black.jpg (42101 bytes)
Aspen, Quaking
Aspen Quaking.jpg (41980 bytes)
Cherry, Pin
Cherry Pin.jpg (41166 bytes)
Maple, Striped
Maple Striped.jpg (41340 bytes)
Spruce, Norway
Spruce Norway.jpg (40147 bytes)
Balm.jpg (42571 bytes)
Cottonwood.jpg (41706 bytes)
Maple, Sugar
Maple Sugar.jpg (41673 bytes)
Spruce, White
Spruce White.jpg (41793 bytes)
Basswood.jpg (41188 bytes)
Elm, American
Elm American.jpg (41767 bytes)
Musclewood.jpg (40965 bytes)
Tamarack.jpg (41217 bytes)
Beech.jpg (40959 bytes)
Elm, Rock
Elm Rock.jpg (37160 bytes)
Oak, Bur
Oak Bur.jpg (39628 bytes)
Willow, Black
Willow Black.jpg (41166 bytes)
Birch, Paper
Birch Paper.jpg (41436 bytes)
Elm, Slippery
Elm Slippery.jpg (40334 bytes)
Oak, N. Pin
Oak NPin.jpg (39574 bytes)
Willow, Peachleaf
Willow Peachleaf.jpg (41916 bytes)
Birch, Yellow
Birch Yellow.jpg (41839 bytes)
Fir, Balsam
Fir Balsam.jpg (41479 bytes)
Oak, N. Red
Oak NRed.jpg (42765 bytes)

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